Welcome to Alger Furniture and Appliances, where you have a choice.

With 35 years of serving the North, the Alger Family knows a thing or two. We are not just a Furniture store, we are a staple of the North, a place where dreams become reality and looks collide beautifully with comfort.

Choice is easy, with Alger’s you’ll get solid advice from people with the experience to give it. Our staff have helped design living spaces, kitchens, basements, Man Caves, and the elusive ‘Femme Den’. Come in, sit and tell us what you want, or, if you already know, come in and share your vision, we are always curious.

With a focus on Canadian Made furniture, and always keeping quality in mind, Alger’s is the best choice you can make.

The door is open, and we want to see you. Come by, see what is new, see what we can do for you.