Alger’s has been supporting SuperStyle for years now, and will not be stopping any time soon. We appreciate the hard work they put into their product lines, the ongoing effort to improve and respect they show for the client.

SUPERSTYLE was founded in 1967 as a Canadian manufacturer of fine Upholstered furniture, with a philosophy of offering “Impeccable Quality, Exceptional Value and Excellent Service.”

Today our original core principles are in evidence throughout our entire line and Superstyle has enjoyed steady growth by building on this now well established tradition of excellence.

With superior craftsmanship inside and the finest fabrics outside you can be certain the Superstyle line of products are of the highest quality.

For the ultimate invitation to relaxation Superstyle furnishing provides comfort and style, right at home.

Leatherbrand is part of the Superstyle line.  Most Superstyle furnishings have leather options to choose from.

We couldn’t possibly stock everything that Superstyle produces, so if you don’t see it in the store, ask, and we can order it in!



7606 Sofa

L706 Vogue Designs




L9539 Sectional




Have you seen something you like?  We can help.  Come in. Feel the Fabrics. Pick your colors.  Customize it the way you want.